Stan Su, the Chairman of the Sus Recyling Technology Incorporated(SRTI), founded the company in 1976 during a time when national efforts in Taiwan were directed at developing the domestic electronics industry. Drawing on technology developed at the Industrial Technology Research Institute, he established the company specializing in the removal, treatment, and recycling of industrial waste. SRTI was truly ahead of its time, dedicated to preserving Taiwan's natural environment at a time when Taiwan's citizenry placed their emphasis almost entirely on economic growth without regard for adverse consequences for the environment.

Ever since its founding, SRTI has maintained its position as a pioneer in industrial waste removal and treatment, ranking first in numerous categories within the industry. In all it has done since its founding, SRTI has maintained a business philosophy emphasizing continual investment, innovation, an eagerness to take on challenges, and dedication to learning. It remains committed to an ideal where cultural development, economic growth, and environmental protection can not only co-exist, but also complement each other.

Beginning in 2002, SRTI has pioneered a business model basedon providing industrial waste recycling as an outsourced services partner. Unlike its rivals, which purchase industrial waste outright, SRTI believes that removal and processing of such wastes as an outsourcing partner offers a more credible, open, and fair approach. The conventional model in which the waste is purchased outright often leads to improper waste disposal or the leaking of trade secrets, indirectly compromising the customer's interests. In addition, SRTIis committed to a comprehensive recycling and re-use process that results in 100% non-toxic materials.

As the domestic information technology, electronics, and semiconductor industries continued to relocate operations to China, SRTI in 2001 began setting up operations there to meet customer needs. It set up a subsidiary in Changzhou EnvironmentalIndustrial Park. In addition, SRTI established Holysing Precious Metals Technology Inc. as a joint venture with theChina Nonferrous Metals Industry Association. SRTI's object is to leverage its know-how and physical plant resources in Taiwanto handle electronics industry waste in China. At the same time, it hopes to take advantage of the bountiful mining assets of the China Nonferrous Metals Industry Associationto alleviate the shortage in the supply of reclaimed precious metals (palladium, silver, platinum, gold), and develop a new business in this vital area.

SRTI currently maintains operations in Hsinchu and Kaohsiung, Taiwan, as well as Beijing, Changzhou and Hubei's Shihkan, Wuhan, and Guangdong, China. It aspires to be a true partnerto its customers, and to become a technology leader in precious metals reclamation.


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