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Core Strengths

Hong Chi as the integrity of corporate life, and " certified " as the world is convinced that to win recognition. Specializes in precious metals because renewable technology, so start from the source of the precious metals . 2003 investment in the development and refinement of metal deposits and chain , the supply of raw materials to obtain certification of the precious metal , precious metal waste recycling arranged to " a " coherent green supply chain , bearing the " promise " customer value " one thousand " square expensive " gold " genus. For integrity, Hong Chi with an endless supply of " good as gold " to do the most credible endorsement , but also promised sustainable partnership.

Technical advantages

Zero pollution, harmless, high recovery
With strict control process , to prevent secondary pollution ; with specialization Regeneration Technology , one hundred percent renewable resources.
Raw material specifications to meet customer demand
Innovative refining technology, raw materials made from customer required specifications , significantly reduce costs.
Sophisticated cutting-edge technologies and services

  • In cooperation with Japanese technology for policy integration, continuing to introduce the most advanced technology concepts precious metal raw material regeneration.
  • authorized the establishment of the German Ministry of Science and technology transfer centers in China .
  • set up R & D centers, continue to build a complete technology capabilities and services of precious metal recycling .
  • Access to the Taiwan Green Productivity Foundation helped establish model demonstration plant , the actual implementation of environmental environmental philosophy.

Management Advantage

Application of Environmental Resources Management System
Synchronization , instant archiving of information , providing customers with the environmental authorities at any time online inquiries , monitoring functions , to understand the cause of waste treatment schedule.
Preservation of environmental management systems
The whole plant three surveillance systems, 24 hours a day Hou connection monitoring, management and control of confidential information science and technology , liquid, gas harmless secure network link control and customer management systems to control people, vehicles , materials of safe and secure .
High-quality renewable resources professional team
Hong Chi sincerely uphold the people-oriented spirit of innovation, committed to precious metals recycling technologies. And also won the ISO14001 and OHSAS18001 certified to meet customer safety, quality , guaranteed technical services.

Equipment Advantage

The company has three electronic waste treatment plants , respectively, in Hsinchu , Taoyuan and Changzhou, China , and the Company has the following specialized equipment :
※R & D equipment
※Analysis of sampling equipment
※Physical crushing equipment
※Chemical production equipment
※Wash Equipment
※Thermal decomposition furnace
※Pollution control equipment
※The resources to provide customers with a complete recycling service.