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Development Vision

Regeneration technological innovation and sustainable human development Mutual undertakings to pursue humanities , industrial and economic development and the environment healthy benefits , become a leader in China in the precious metals recycling technology services .

The spirit of enterprise policy

Convinced that the cause of harmless waste clearance processing , is constant rule mankind on earth evergreen .
Though there have been many times to doubt their own ability , concerns the future of the company , with a strong sense of responsibility , tend to make themselves an effort of nature to pay more for Taiwan's economy to make more of a contribution.
Convince the rigorous style of Japanese and German technology company headquarters and other partners , shares and technology transfer , and Hong Chi continued to work together to stabilize the foundation of innovation , it is definitely the best personal efforts to pay .
Establish sound professional management team, is a personal venture would last three decades , has not stopped the difficult challenges , the need to constantly overcome.
I believe Hong Chi team , optimistic look forward to providing you with the best technical solutions and service quality.