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Training and Development

We uphold the talent as a fundamental business philosophy of the most valuable assets , by improving training systems and systems to help employees continue to self-growth , in order to enhance the professional capabilities and added value , enhance job performance , and promote the overall development of the company.

First, the education and training of characteristics :

  1. To achieve the company's goals and help employees grow as the principle , according to the development needs of the company and the employees of the education and training to handle the whole company , it is desirable to improve the quality of manpower and in line with company policy to achieve business objectives.
  2. Stresses sectors do not , do not function , the commonality of training , with a complete system of education and training systems and staff continue to provide opportunities for personal growth and development of space .
  • promote comprehensive staff education and training, in addition to the post before training , functions do the professional skills training , management training class do the relevant knowledge outside the self-development training , job training within particular attention to the internal system of training lecturers and departments the promotion and implementation.
  • In the company's international development , the special attention the development of language skills and training , in addition to the company entrusted language training center outside school classes or training, and continued to handle English and Japanese Reed shock test , in order to encourage employees to upgrade themselves Languages capacity.
  • The combination of library staff to establish education and training of personnel information system , providing access to information or the timing of the report to print and show reports and photos via text expand staff training.

Second, training Category:

  1. The new staff workshops : The new staff workshops : the post of Commons before education and training, providing new staff presentation on the company organization , history, philosophy , corporate culture , personnel welfare system, management regulations, environmental and product of.
  2. Management Development class : improve management capacity, knowledge and skills of staff at all levels , to develop future career as a precondition of the vision to handle the training.
  3. Professional categories:technical standards to enhance the professional expertise and training staff second to handle the professional and technical skills training.
  4. Quality Management : into a common curriculum , basic courses and advanced courses and other categories , trained by sector job category ; and in accordance with other sectors , including environmental laws and regulations administered dynamically updated training , policy management, total quality management , ISO, TL and quality management, awareness, technology , methods, training , extended to facilitate the company 's quality system , to achieve the purpose of full quality control .
  5. Common categories: training for all staff to handle it , including language , computers, new knowledge lectures, happy life , mental health , patents and copyrights , and the fire escape and other programs to enrich the general knowledge and ability to work and life of employees .
  6. Self- inspired training : books, training materials , professional journals , magazines, recordings (video ) files, CDs and other teaching staff to work for self- study or leisure and education.

Third, the training methods :

  1. Do training within :According to the company 's policies and needs of departments and employees , according to class by the personnel training units and other specialized functional training units, specializing in gender, not common for the whole company -related and inter-departmental personnel , planning, formulation and Assembling the implementation of relevant training co In response to company policy and development , forward-looking technology , professional needs within the department or employee self- development, professional training institutions outside school to go to training .
  2. The department of education and training within the service :In addition to the inner teachings and guidance on personal work of various departments (units) depending on the unit's work with business needs , enhance employee skills and concepts taught , on a quarterly basis within the department once to set the formula should be implemented at least training.
  3. E-Learning Online Learning:Through internal and external network to browse the online learning course type, style or animation situational speech patterns , etc. presented by the training unit for the interface depending on the nature of curriculum or job requirements assigned to class via computer or by colleagues in self-paced training.